Welkom bij Cora Zuiderhoek Schilderijen


Creative Projects

Once I have a subject for a painting, I completely sink my teeth into it. I try to find out everything about that topic. For example, my first project was King Arthur, I have poured over 2 meters of books. The more I learn, the more I get inspired. The original subject oftens leads to a real project, sometimes yeilding dozens of paintings.


After my first project a visit to an Indian reservation in the United States inspired me to a new project and I made a series of paintings of Native Americans.


This was followed by a project with Toreadors. But I still did not have the burning passion I was looking for.

That changed when I began the series Goddesses, who appeared first masked, then uncovered. My passion grew stronger stil with the series Power Women.


I had tremendous fun painting famous people who I portraited in surreal situations, like Joe Cocker on the terrace of café Koops in Haarlem or the well-known violinist Janine Janssen, coming out of a box.


In 2016 my creative wanderings brought me to a trendy workshop painting “fat ladies”. Happily after practicing Rubens like figures, my private (narrative) style developed. This style is very much in demand and many paintings from this collection are in the Netherlands and abroad.

Painting Locations

Atlanta 11
California 2
Florida 3
Nederland 25
Noorwegen 1
Sidney 1
Singapore 1
Spanje 8
Wisconsin 1
Zanzibar 1