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King Arthur


Everytime something exciting happens around the corner…King Arthur

An ex-colleague and I met through our mutual love of King Arthur. Whether this Medieval, English king has ever existed, didn’t matter. It was wonderful to dive in the stories and legends around King Arthur and to escape the 20th century. We felt at home with the magic and mysticism, and with the wizards and clergywomen. But the fascination for King Arthur and his century would bring me more.


In 1989 I was invited by the manager of the Baron Hotel in Zoetermeer to organize an exibition, which put me on track to make a series of silk paintings with the subject of King Arthur. My 2 meter books about King Arhur gave me sufficient inspiration to create my own mystical story. My fascination forced my family to join me on the search of Arthur. We visited Stonehenge, Tingagel and Lands End in Cornwal as well as Hadrian’s Wall in North-England. It became almost an obsession for me and resulted in 40 paintings.


The exhibition was organized in:

  • 1989 – De Bonte, Haarlem
  • 1989 – Baron Hotel, Zoetermeer
  • 1990 – Verzorgingstehuis Overbos, Heemstede
  • 1990 – Unilever Research Laboratorium, Vlaardingen
  • 1991 – Nederlandse Hervormde kerk, Marken Binnen
  • 1991 – Bejaardenhuis De West Watering Zaandam

Almost all the silk paintings were sold during these exhibitions.

Take a look at the exhibition of king Arthur