Welkom bij Cora Zuiderhoek Schilderijen
The source of inspiration lays around the corner...or at the street...
Cora Zuiderhoek's paintings can be descibed as magical, spiritual, realistic and humoristic.
Every set is unique and has its own theme. Her silk paintings tell the story of King Arthur, while her watercolors have Indians, Goddesses, Power Women as their theme. Cora's acrylic paintings tell stories in a humorous manner. Many of her latest painting were commissioned to celebrate special occasions and now hang in home thought many countries including: Australia, Norway, Spain, Singapore, the United States of America (California, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin) and Zanzibar.
Mijn Projecten

Once I have a subject for a painting, I completely sink my teeth into it. I try to find out everything about that topic. For example, my first project was King Arthur, I have poured over 2 meters of books.

The more I learn, the more I get inspired. The original subject oftens leads to a real project, sometimes yeilding dozens of paintings.

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